Can I use any live streamer or production under your service contract?

ABSOLUTELY! It is encouraged to solicit or allow an outside live streamer to provide live streaming billiard services from within your establishment. However, the streamer or producer may be appalled that you will now be in control providing the sole delivery of it. Here’s why you or your establishment should be in control of the delivery and what it means to all involved in the process.

Several avenues can be used to deliver a live broadcast of billiard video or reproductions. Depending on which avenue is used has a different set of circumstances, all of them are out of you or your establishments control. The biggest question frequently asked. Where are the videos stored after? Under our service agreement you will know exactly where the videos are stored. Directly on your establishment’s website. This is crucial protection our service agreement provides. Your establishment will now be able to solicit online sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the world.

Please keep in mind that Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, or other delivery mechanisms will and can still be used when applicable. Our service contract does not forbid the use of any delivery mechanism, or future delivery mechanisms. Our service agreement ensures that any live broadcast originating from your establishment originates from your establishment’s website first, and then is duplicated to other delivery mechanisms.

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