Our service contract. Why is it required?

An agreement to our service contract also serves as a petition to ensure intellectual property protections for you and your establishment. It also will ensure monetary protections for pool players live streamed or recorded from within your establishment. The agreement will also serve enforcement of protections regardless who or which company that may be hired to provide such services from within your establishment. Below you will learn a brief summary of our service contract, why it is required, and how it will provide necessary protections for all who are involved in the live stream production and reproduction processes of our Sport.

For a service contract comparison, typically a service contract with your local amusement operator who provides you and your establishment with a Jukebox, Coin Operated Pool Tables, Dart Machines, Skill Games, and/or a Golden Tee Machine, guarantees an amusement company’s competition cannot operate at the same time in your establishment. It would be silly and counterproductive to have multiple Jukeboxes hung in your establishment from two competing amusement operators. In retrospect, our service contract is founded on the same principal, and here’s why.

In the near future there will be more and more online applications providing billiard entertainment, many of them requiring live video. Your establishment can be protected in a manner that only one set of cameras are installed in your establishment. It would be silly to have multiple sets of cameras from competing companies hanging in your establishment. Aesthetically it would look horrible. It also puts you and your establishment at a disadvantage to negotiate licensing to use the equipment by outside applications. Our service agreement also guarantees that any live broadcast or reproduction is stored in accordance to an industry standard providing these protections.

Please be advised that our service contract does not and will never forbid or reduce competitive companies providing a live stream, a production broadcast or video service from within your establishment. It does however give you and your establishment a new role in negotiating how a live stream or broadcast exits the establishment to the rest of the world. Our service contract you and your establishment agree to, gives you adjacent authority to the intellectual assets created from within your establishment. It will open up a digital door to your establishment on the internet around the world.

Also to take notice within our service agreement, that it will ensure that live streams and reproductions provide residual income for you and your establishment that includes monetary support to the pool players.

Our service agreement is protected by copyright. For the safety of the agreement which could be reversed engineered by our competitors, or reveal our business strategies, a copy of this agreement will not exist online viewable by the general public. If you wish to review this agreement in its entirety before an agreement is to be made by you or your Establishment, an NDA must be completed and signed. The agreement will not be provided to be read online. A printed copy will be mailed to you for your review. In the event you do not agree to the terms set forth in the agreement or no remedy can be achieved, any copies in your possession must be returned. Pursuant to applicable law, prosecution to recover the agreement will all be exhausted if the copy or copies of the agreement in you or your establishments possession is not retuned in a satisfactory time frame.

We hope in this time rampant theft of intellectual property, you can understand the undertaking and nature of our endeavor. It is the hopes that in the near future collectively among the many billiard establishments around the world, providing a industry standard for the deliverance and protections of billiard video becomes THE STANDARD.

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